1. I am running TKD3D under Microsoft Vista and the 3D animation seems slow, distorted etc. How can I fix that?
From the main menu, click the "Settings" button. Then select OpenGL from the Render options menu and return to the program.

2. What type of computer do I need in order to use TKD3D?
TKD3D supports Windows computers. For Windows, Recent Model Intel Pentium 4 or Mobile Duo or better (or comparable AMD) with at least 512MB Ram, 250MB of free HD space, Minimum of 1024x768 screen resolution and at least 32MB support of 3D acceleration on the video card. An audio card is optional.

3. How can I determine if my PC can properly run TKD3D?
First, check your system specifications according to the minimum requirements. Then, if you are not sure, email a quick description of your system to support@tkd3d.com.

4. The TKD3D display seems to be too big for my screen.
TKD3D was designed for 1024x768 resolution and most PC’s support that.
1. Make sure TKD3D is NOT running.
2. Open your control panels then the Display control Panel.
3. Under the Settings Tab set your resolution to 1024x768 or bigger.
4. Apply and close the control panel, then run TKD3D again.

5. The animation looks a bit choppy. Can I fix it?
Most likely you can. First, make sure your PC complies with the minimum requirements posted on the "About TKD3D" page. Second, make sure you have quit all other applications for maximum performance. If the problem persists, restart your computer and try running TKD3D again. If you are still experiencing problems, please fill the form on the left for a customized solution.

6. TKD3D is running well, but I cannot hear the commentary voiceover.
Make sure your computer speakers are on and volume is set at least halfway up.

7. The camera went "black" and I can't find my way back...
If that happens, either select a new technique or simply exit to the main menu and reselect your section of choice.

8. The camera won't Rotate or Zoom at all.
Try clicking the 3D area once, then try the controls again. If the problem persists, exit to the main menu and retunr to the section of choice.

9. I purchased TKD3D and I am having trouble registering it.
Fill in your serial number (can be found in your order confirmation email or, on the back of your CD if you did not order it directly from us).If you cannot directly connect to the internet for some reason, follow the manual registration instructions, using another computer that is able to go online. After receicing the activation key from the site, return to the TKD3D registration window (or re-launch it if you closed it), paste in your authorization code and click Activate Product;If you are still not sure how to complete the registration, please fill a support request on our support page.

10. I successfully registered my copy, but it won't run on my new PC.
TKD3D user license is machine specific. If you have a new PC or would like to install on your laptop, please fill a request using the form on the left and make sure to include your serial number, email address and full name so we can provide you with a new key.

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