John, London, United Kingdom
I bought this program for my special friend and she loves it. Thanks. John Kasule-Mpoza

Bisztyga Oliver, Vienna, Austria
Excellent addition for every student of TKD, detailed explanation for all levels.

Amal Rasanga, Kandy, Sri Lanka
First of all, Thank you very much for developing this vast product. TKD3D is not only Teaches Taekwondo but also Self defense. I strongly recommend TKD3D for anyone who needs improve skills in self defense & Taekwondo.

MIKA Miodrag , Vienna, Austria
Excellent product

diego santos de almeida, maceio, tkd
muito bom essa nova tecnologia TKD 3D. Parabens para o autor desta obra.

K , Sydney, Australia
Awesome CDs. I used them for my daughter to practice. She has been improving a lot within a few days. Very happy with the products. I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve his/her skills.

Timothy Bell, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
This is better than I originally thought, initially I was hesitant to purchase and now I can't stop watching. What a resource for myself and my students. A great way to take our art and sport to the next level and beyond. Awesome job!

Lars Frosz Nielsen, Holbaek, Denmark
Grand to see Master KyTu Dang finaly get the credit he deserves with this 3D thing. He was my first teacher in 1976 and was fantastic already then (together with his brother and father) I really looking foreward to try this TKD3D.

Jamol Jones, Benton, United States
Man!! The quality of the TKD3D makes one actually feel that they're in a dojang. It's just so awesome to see where technology is going these days..especially with TKD.

Leanne, Newcastle, Australia
This is a great learning technique, comprehensive but easy to follow. Excellent product

Michael H. Evans, Las Vegas, USA
Sincere appreciation for letting me re-down load TKD3D to my new computer. By the way, great quality format on the cd's.

Kayron Mercieca, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Currently I'm a 7th Kup in Taekwondo and even at my level, I find both TKD3D products highly useful and a lot of fun to use! For someone really into Taekwondo like myself, I'd strongly recommend TKD3D for the great reference, tips and demonstrations of free sparring techniques and tactics, self-defense techniques, patterns, etc. Even though I'm part of a TTA club (run by Grandmaster T K Loh, 8th Dan), which is neither the WTF or the ITF, TKD3D is very inspiring and great to have!

Jonathan Mvié, Montreal, CANADA
Great work and great thinking! This is very helpful to prepare classes and to explain the mechanics and movements behind each action. Competing in Taekwondo is like a "chess" game and the 'Winning sport CD' helps you study different aspects of the game (offense and defense). Steven is like a surgeon when he fights - he does what he wants with his kicks (i nicknamed him Dr. Lopez). Jean's comments are very helpful as well. Very credible athlete and coach demonstrating all the techniques - this gives you confidence. As for the 'Mastering WTF style TKD' - it is great ! All angles can be seen and the fact that it can be slowed down helps a lot when reviewing the patterns. Brilliant Work !!! Great initiative !!! Glad to own these CDs. Merci beaucoup.

David Farrell-Shaw, Dunoon, scotland
brilliant - looking forward to the ITF one.

Johana mbere, wollongong, Australia
Loved it very much and and i think that its very very helpful in many ways. I am quite pleased by how it has been made and compiled. I would loveto see more of speacial kicks and special breaking techniques. Well done guys...

Aaron Manning, Penzance, UK
Very informative concept that allows concentration on the techniques in a logical format. Would love to see an ITF version.

David Wright, 2nd Dan, Dennyloanhead, Scotland
This is a great product , it lets you see the patterns from all different angles and gives you all the meanings for each one ,all i can say is i love it as do my kids ,once again great .plus the customer service is second to none .A must buy ,well done

Christophe De Cock, Blankenberge, Belgium
Had a problem with the install, sent a mail and 5 minutes later they fixed it, so super Feedback 10/10!!! As for the programs, they rule, cant say anything wrong about it, most positive thing is that you can see everything in slowmotion and from every angle. Thx for making the wonderfull program, 10/10 for TKD3D !!!

John Harrison, Poole, England
I have to say that these are the best downloads available on the web, I have tried various DVD's and tapes etc. but these are both informative and easy to use, I have now got both programs on my laptop, and have used them in class to help show some techniques in slow motion helping my students no end!! Expect some more orders!!

Jorge Silva, Santa Clara, united states
I have a dvd myself of the poomsae and one of the issues that I had was people saying it was hard to see it when my back was towards the screen, but with tkd3d this is not an issue at all. I love the way you have full control of where you can look from and when you need to, as well as closer, slower and over the top. You have got it all covered. Great job!

Rafe Davidge, Auckland, New Zealand
I have only had TKD3D for a couple of days and have yet to (even briefly) review all that these two programs contain. As an Aid to club night and home practice this is fantastic. It even had my two boys (7 and 5yrs) practicing their patterns. And thats saying something. Put simply I can now practice with the confidence that I can review what comes next and how.

Jake Rainville, East Greenwich, USA
I am ecstatic that someone had the foresight and know-how to make an instructional video as helpful and informative as TKD3D. I have never been remotely interested in or satisfied by any instructional poomsae video before, and therefore, have never used one or recommended one to my students. This is the ultimate reference video for all WTF Taekwondo teachers. I will recommend it to all my students. Ky-Tu Dang is exceptional at demonstrating these forms.

John, Queensland , Australia
So cool, I really enjoy how you can see different angles, speed up and slow down the application, the description, alot of though and time really did go into this excellent

Master S. H. Blomeley, Stockport, England
This is a superb educational piece of software for both Instructor, Student and competitor alike. It can aid Instructors planning class/individual sessions, plus also help students/competitors of all levels pick up the finer points that are sometimes overlooked. I personally love the way you can slow techniques down and rotate fully around them along with the strategies. The staff at Tkd3d are very helpful as well.Excellent product especially in this digital age, cannot wait until the company produces more for Tkd and other arts.

Bill Pottle, 5th Dan, Colorado, USA
These products are awesome. Our school has long been interested in the underlying science and biomechanics behind technique ( and these products will provide a great help to our students. We plan to use them in class in conjunction with our LCD projector. By using motion capture, they enable us to get slightly different information than just video tape. We would be interested in seeing more applications for ju-jitsu or weapons techniques.

Master William Mickleburgh, Bath, United Kingdom
I purchased your product and downloaded it all - I have to say i think it is the most magnificent educational tool I have ever come across! It is truly a stunning way for a Sabunim to re-assess application within forms and the sport considerations are clear and precise and quite revealing to me!
Please do thank all the people involved for their great efforts - your product is truly a wonderful learning tool for TKD in the 21st century!!!!!!!
I would not be suprised if you all win lots of awards for this innovative approach to our art.

Sarah, Hertfordshire, England
Very innovative, easy to download and install. The ability to slow down the demonstrations is really helpful. Thanks :)

FB, Academia Tigre Branco, Portugal
I want to say, these programs are really more than fabulous, more than fantastic, they are fabulastic!
Congratulations for this amazing work and program... i'm waiting for the hapkido now.. :)

Paul King, Westgate-On-Sea, England
This is a great product. I practice a variety of martial arts including ITF style TaeKwon Do. Even so, I feel this product will benefit me and help me to intergrate new ideas into the styles I practice.
A very useful learning tool.

Oliver George, Kent, England
Excellent programme for individual study in conjunction with training sessions. Certainly better than any paper based literature on Taekwondo I have discovered so far.

Michael Brannback, Vasteras, Sweden
This is an awesome product!
Steven Lopez is probably the best Taekwondo athlete ever to compete and you couldnt have picked a better person to work with for this application!
The software will help me develop all ranges of students from kids all the way up to elite class students competing on national level. This is the ultimate teaching tool to assist you as an instructor in your day to day teaching.

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