Jean Lopez, 7-year US National Team Coach, 2004 Olympic Coach, 1992 and 1994 Pan American Champion. In addition to his personal athletic achievements, Jean is also reponsible for putting together the most sucessful Taekwondo team in the history of the sport, leading to multiple Olympic and world titles.

Steven Lopez, 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, 4-Time World Champion, 11-year National Team Member. Steven keeps setting the bar for excellence in Sport Taekwondo as he continues to develop, achieving more international and Olympic titles than anyone before in the sport.

Mark Lopez, World Champion, 4-Time National Team Member. Mark became a part of sports history, winning the 2005 World Championships while his brother Steven and sister Diana both captured world titles at the same event. Mark's explosive technique and competetive spirit makes him the upcoing force in Sport Taekwondo.

Master KyTu Dang, 7th Dan (WTF), is world-renowned for his precise techniques and unique presentation of Technical Forms. Undefeated since 1984 in every International Open Championship and a 6-Time winner of the European Poomsae Championship, Master Dang is one of the most acclaimed Taekwondo martial artists today.

Ramon Moralejo, Studied multiple martial arts as a teen in the Philippines, then moved to New York City to study Taekwondo for 15 years under Grand Master S. Henry Cho, 9th Dan, and Prof. Danny Paulo (VDK-NYC). Ramon is currently teaching privately and continues to practice a wide variety of martial arts.

Shai Golan, founder of Aspamya Dreams and the creator of TKD3D and Aikido3D, divides his time between developing new 3D titles and practicing Aikido at the NY Aikikai. Shai has 15 years of extensive experience in the interactive and online content business.

Ran Sariel is responsible for supervising the entire technical 3D content creation process and pipeline along the production stage. Ran has 14 years of experience in 3D Animation for TV, Film and Real-Time Interactive media. Ran's career includes top positions as lead modeler, senior animator, Lead Technical Director and Supervising Character TD for International production and post production companies. (

Uri Ar, user experience expert, has been designing interactivity and brand since 1990. Uri has managed interactive design departments in NYC, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, and now consults for leading web and software companies worldwide.

Paul Keefe is TKD3D's software engineer, responsible for programming and integrating both titles. Paul been programming personal computers since 1986. Over the past 20 years Paul has created many applications used by schools and businesses throughout the world. An award winning martial artist in both Kung Fu and Taekwondo, Paul has a unique perspective on martial arts training software.

Michael Tang has been an invaluable link between the Taekwondo athletes and the production team, significantly contributing to both content and logistics. Michael has been involved in Martial Arts for 27 years and is a 3-Time U.S. National Heavyweight Champion, U.S. National Team Member 2003 and 2004, founder of Team New England and Head Coach at Harvard University Taekwondo.

Yoav Caspi Web Architect and online software supervisor for TKD3D. Yoav is responsible for overlooking TKD3D's web infrastructure and strategy of the every aspect of our site's functionality. Yoav's experience spans over a wide range of internet-based activities, from non-profit to his roles with successful startups and major US Internet players. Yoav is also the owner of Biking Universe.

Tzur Nehushtan has been a Front-End Engineer for the past 8 years, responsible for building the entire TKD3D's web site and its supporting sales and customer support systems. Tzur's experience includes start-ups as well as some of the top 3 leading Web companies in the world. In his spare time, Tzur excels in soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Billiards, Tennis, Foosball and Darts.

Oliver Ardery supports TKD3D's business development efforts and the managing of advertiser relationships. Oliver is a Vice President at Maia Strategy Group, a strategy consulting firm in New York City, and has significant experience consulting Fortune 500 software companies on their strategic planning issues.(

Vanessa Calderone has been teaching English for eight years and currently works at George Washington Middle School in New Jersey. Vanessa received her B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross in 1998 and received her M.A.T. in English from Brown University in 1999. Vanessa works as a freelance writer and editor and enjoys playing piano, traveling and studying martial arts. She holds a black belt in Taekwondo and currently studies Aikido.
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