TKD3D is available in two volumes for Windows Computers.
Each product covers a different aspect of Taekwondo training.

Fully Interactive WTF Style Taekwondo, featuring Master KyTu Dang, 7th Dan Black Belt.

8 Taegeuk and 9 Black Belt Forms
Over 50 Self Defense Drills
Breaking Techniques
3D Vital Strike Points map
Closely follow each of the 17 WTF Taegeuk and Black Belt Poomsae.
Listen to Master Dang's commentary and guidelines
Explore each form's pattern, background and history.
Interactively follow over 50 Self Defense drills.
Discover each drill's origin at the Taegeuk and Black Belt forms.
Explore 16 single and multiple breaking demonstrations.
Control playback speed to study proper technique and posture.
Switch to the top camera to reveal unnoticed details.
Note Master Dang's precision with real-time trajectory.
Fully interactive Sport Taekwondo program featuring Steven & Mark Lopez under coach Jean Lopez.

Kicking and Punching Basics
Footwork and Distancing
Fighting Tactics
Advanced Techniques
Watch Steven demonstrating each and every type of kick!
Follow each kick's precise trajectory.
Listen to step-by-step audio commentary by coach Jean Lopez.
Explore over 150 sparring scenarios from any angle.
Control playback speed to follow the action in slow motion!
Turn on the "Danger Zone" for proper distance learning.
Perfect your timing and strategy as you prepare to score
Switch to the top camera to view the action from above.
Zoom in and out as you examine each exchange for the best angle!
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