TKD3D is a unique, interactive 3D Taekwondo training program, offering innovative ways to explore Sport and WTF Style Taekwondo.
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“I see TKD3D as a unique opportunity to extend my knowledge and experience to millions of Taekwondo athletes world wide. I believe this program will significantly improve your training experience on and off the mat.”

Jean Lopez
US National Team Coach
“TKD3D is a revolutionary Taekwondo training guide for people of all levels. Each time I use the program to view the techniques at different speeds and angles, it gives me new ideas and expands my knowledge. I have never been able show my techniques and see myself in motion / action in such a clear manner ever before”

Master Ky-Tu Dang
7th Dan Poomsae Champion
“TKD3D is a great opportunity for me to give back for everything the sport has given me. I wish I had a tool like this back when I was a developing athlete to help me with my learning curve.”

Steven Lopez
2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
3-Time World Champion
“I was really excited when I was approached to participate in this project because I always wanted something like this when I started training Taekwondo. I think it's a great advantage to anyone using this software to which will both enhance their technique and advance their game!”

Mark Lopez
World Champion
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